What do you think ??

Hy , i've just bought myself a new PSU,
its a Thermaltake 430 w purepower dual rails (15A,18A on the 12v rails ) ,and in the package there was a total watt meter too ,and in idle it shows 80watt and in full load 120w max , i cant believe something like that ,
my specs are venice 3200+ ,1x1gb ram,1x250gb seagate Sata,x1600pro Connect3D,Abit KN8 ultra,sony cdrom, onb sound/LAN.
i just don't believe this , i think it should be 2x the number it shows ......
what do you dudes think ??? :roll: :lol:

oh forgot something !! ,Speedfan shows me that the 12 v rail gives 11.55~11.61v thats kind'a low isn't it ?? ,but the BIOS shows 12.09~12.16 also my abit utility shows the same as the bios , which one should i trust ?? , bios right ???
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  1. I think that:

    "if it works, dont fix it"

  2. It doesnt sound too far off for me. Venice 3200s arent very power hungry, you are only using 1 gig of ram (help if we knew more about it though), X1600pros are meant to be an efficient mid-low range card and you are only using a single harddrive. From what you have listed your entire computer should be running on some incredibly low power requirements.
  3. i cant believe its that low , the total watts calculator showed me 250 wats max when i put in the specs of my sistem , it cant be of by that far , the display shows 70-80watts most times ,i think that its both , i think idle should be around 100 watts and Full load around 180 ~220 watts, ,but also thank for tour opinion , it counts :P :D
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