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I have a bunch of computers in one room that I need to connect to the internet, but don't want to make the expense of buying a wireless card for all of them. Do you guys know of any good wireless to ethernet bridges for this? Or could I just get a wireless card for one of them and then bridge the connection in the computer and connect to an ethernet switch? Which is the better option?
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  1. Many home-market wireless routers can be configured into a bridge mode (which basically means they will recognize and attach to an infrastructure device and not a client device). Do a little bit of user-manual searching, but I would start with the top brand names (D-Link, Linksys, etc.)

    Also, the wireless infractructure device on the other end needs to be a bridge (or put into bridge mode) in order to recognize and connect with your new bridge.
  2. Depending on the number of pc it would be cheaper buying cards. One you setup a bridge to bridge device, you will need a AP for your wired clients. Or use a ICS from one with a wireless connection.
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