Weird connection problem

I've been almost everywhere trying to find out a fix to this problem.

For the past few days, my main machine has just been losing it's connection. The machine doesn't freeze or crash but webpages won't load, IMer programs disconnect, etc. Thing is, my other machine's internet access is fine so I know it's not the cable modem or my outside connection. As soon as I reboot the machine, the connection works just fine up until an hour or so when it repeats the same process.

After some trial and error, I found out that it might be an issue with P2P software. I didn't load Bitcomet and the connection seems just normal after 3 hours. I tried reducing my max upload speed to 20k (my cap is 40k) but the same problem happens. I tried to reduce it to 5k with the same results. I stopped Bitcomet from loading on startup and the connection stays up.

So, I figured it was with Bitcomet so I downloaded another torrent program, uTorrent. I started uploading my seeds with that program rather than Bitcomet thinking that the issue would be resolved but no, it has the same random disconnects.

I thing I have to mention is that I think this problem started happening when I uninstalled ZoneAlarm and downloaded Windows Defender (Malware detector) and turned on XP's own firewall. I can't confirm this problem started happening at this point but it was close to it.

I happened across this site:

And noticed that, according to the site, that Windows XP has a "security" feature which limits the amount of upload connections you can have at a time. I downloaded their program and adjusted it back to pre SP2 levels of 65525 in the tcpip.sys file. Problem still happens.

I disabled Windows Defender from monitoring my machine but, again, problem keeps coming back. The last thing I can try is to remove Windows Defender entirely but I wanted to see if anyone else had any comments.

I figure that if this is indeed what's causing my connection issue, it's not possible for me to be the only person having this issue since I'm willing to bet more than 1 person downloaded SP2.

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  1. I know zone alarm has a specific program to cleanup behind it's self. The normal uninstall is a joke likes nortons. I use Comode FW, and Avira AV works great. Has learn feature, as well as scan for applications, but use with cautions if you may be infected.
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