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I have just purchased a new Seagate 750gb IDE based hard drive but I need a external caddy case for it. I have both mac and pc so looking for a strong, yet lightweight unit that supports USB and Firewire 800. Most of the time it will be on my desk, however I will be travelling with it. I have looked everywhere and found lots of different ones, however none that say they can support 750gb (is this due to heat?). I went with the IDE version of the 750gb as it seems no SATA external caddy with firewire / usb2.

i am based in the UK, but if anyone can point me torwards one that is good please do :-)

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  1. It's possible that because the 750 GB is fairly recent that some of the cases haven't been tested with larger drives so they're not listed. I'd suggest finding a couple of cases you like and send an E Mail to the mfg and ask if it will work and if not, what they'd recommend
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