install of sata drives = BSOD

I recently built a system. Its up and running flawlessly. I went to my old system and deleted the RAID array I had on it. I then took the 2 drives and put them into my new system non-RAID. When I boot up windows barely loads, halts, then I get a BSOD that instantly reboots my system and I dont get a chance to read it. After removing the two drives I can boot and am currently using the system to make this post.

(BTW, Bios DOES recognize both drives, its once windows boots that it goes all to hell)

Drives: WD2500KS-00MJB0 Sata
I have no jumper currently on them, as the only reason for jumpers on these drives is to force SATA150 mode or enable SSC.

ASUS P5B Deluxe
Intel C2D 6400
Corsair XMS 6400C4x2 (2048) 2 gigs total in dual channel mode
WD2500YD-01NVB1 Sata
BFG Nvidia 8800 GTS OC 640MB PCIe
Lite-On 20x DVD-RW Sata
XConect 550W Dual Raid Modular PSU

I wanted to install the drives, format them, then use them non-raid as storage drives with full Sata2 functionality. On my old system I had to force them into 150Mb/sec mode in raid to use them.

Any suggestions as to why my system doesnt like these drives is welcome. I needs mah storage space!

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  1. Does the same happen in safe mode ? For me it seems like a driver problem.
  2. I had to edit my boot.ini file to get into safe mode(I dont know, but it works so w/e) I got into disk manager, initialized and am formatting both drives as I write this. Once its done I'll reboot normally and see if all is well.
  3. Well I formatted both drives in safe mode. Rebooted normally and... it still dies. When I click on my user id and the password thing expands the backrand is black(just around the user id and textbox). Windows starts and one icon appears in the systray, its not a normal icon, and I dont know what it is. Thats the only thing that loads(kinda) then the system halts and its GG. I remove the two drives, reboot and everythings fine. o.O wtf!
    Just now firefox suffered an error
    Everything seems to be running fine, but if anyone has any idea how I can get my half a terabyte of storage to work correctly, lemme know.

  4. If you haven't done so, get the repair/install program from the hdd mfg site and put it on a floppy and boot the floppy. I'd put one drive in at a time.
  5. I went to the WD site and downloaded the Data Lifeguard Tools. Once installed on my system it booted no problem, I then had to remove the volumes and disable/enable the drives to convert them back to basic(the WD software wouldnt set them up as dynamic) and now have them runnin fine.
    Thanks for the help.

  6. Like happy endings :D
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