Now that i have vista i have go into the habbit of putting my PC in sleep instead of 'OFF', it may take another 10 to switch off, but my system is back on with in 10 seconds of the power button, MACs (dam them) have had this system for a while, of natively going to sleep, but is it really that bad, does it consume much more energy if i use it everyday, or if i were to turn it 'OFF'

Pls - no vista slamming in this forum? it has it pros and it cons, but most of us will have some time soon
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  1. The only con I can think of is what I've seen from customers computers.

    The computer trying to go into hibernate mode after a while, while something is still using the HDD, and it not coming out of hibernate/sleep afterwards without having to hit the FU button.
  2. I use "Sleep" a lot because it uses a couple watts more than just turning your PC off. I will do a quick test right now just to make sure (I have a Kill A Watt meter).


    System "Off": 4 watts
    System "Sleep": 3~4 watts!!! Hmm... maybe I should test that again...

    System included in signature - did NOT include the monitor but included KB, mouse, and network cable plugged into LAN connection.
  3. When you're system is off and unplugged it uses 4 watts?
  4. Where did the word "unplugged" appear? When a system is off, it still may have exhibit a phantom load as power goes through the transistors.
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