Airflow with a TT Armor & Zalman 9700

I've realized I have my zalman 9700 on backwards, so since I have to re-seat it anyways, I figured I'd ask for opinions on the best way to seat it. I've got a TT armor with the stock fans(not the model with the side fan though) and figure there are three main ways I could seat it, but I wanted to get opinions on the best way. I personally think option three would be a good one based on the two outtake fans up top. The only iffy part to that would be the psu would be partly sucking in the hot air, but i don't think it'd be hot enough to bother it.

Two other questions, I've heard the stock fans are pretty bad, they feel to me to be putting out a decent amount of air, but I have no real frame of reference to go by, so I wanted to know if replacing them is worth it.

Second, I heard that cutting the grills out of the back could make a decent change to the airflow for the rear fans, does it?
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  1. Thanks for the help, I'm blown away here, putting it on the correct direction has made a difference of 5-10 degrees
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