problem burning CDs on LG GSA-H42N

and i cant find firmware update anywhere!!! i found one but its LG GSA-H42N RJ11, but mine does not have RJ11 at the end so i dont wanna ruin my drive

im using NERO for burning, and DVDs burn excellent. but CDs wont burn!

it starts, and just says "burn process started" and wouldnt do anything for the first 8 minutes. after that it would start to burn SLOW AS HELL, took 1 hour and 10 minutes to burn a CD on 8X speed and after that it couldnt even play! any ideas on whats causing this?
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  1. Have you tried burning with a different program. If you go to and do a search for CD burning software for Windows you'll have your choice of a number of programs
  2. yes i have

    same problem
  3. If you've tried different CD media and it doesn't fix it, you're probably best off buying a new burner given they run $30 or less. If your Nero came with the burner, it won't likely work with a different one so you'd either have to get a retail burner, a few dollars more, of get different burning software, which in the long run might be better given it's tough to find retail burners, at least at newegg. E.g., I just got an 18X Samsung that I really like, works well and remarkably quiet but at least the last time I looked only came OEM.
  4. Try a different brand of cd before buying a new drive.
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