D-Link DGL-4300 File Sharing Problem

I just upgraded to the DGL-4300 router and can't seem to get the file and printer sharing working between my PC's and laptop. I had it working on the Linksys router I replaced but that router didn't require any settings to be changed from the factory. If anyone has some advice I'd much appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Some wireless routers have a privicy feature, that prevents them from talking to each other.
  2. As far as I recall, the DGL-4300 doesn't need anything to be done to enable file sharing. I'd guess that the problem lies with cached IP's or something in your local network, and suggest a controlled power down and staged power up sequence to hopefully address that.

    Thereafter, if needed, check the local network settings for static IPs, conflicts, etc.

    After all that, if it still isn't working, I'd look into firmware updates and D-Link support for a potentially faulty router.

    All of the above was assuming wired connections; that should be simple and working out of the box. I'd even disable the wireless as a part of the diagnosis. Wireless configuration can be a bit more tricky -- I'd suggest ensuring that the wired part is working fine first, and then go through the wireless security and set-up step by step, configuring at least WPA security. Note that you should generally not use out of the box wireless configurations, as these will not be secure. If wireless security was potentially the problem, I'd of course try unsecured wireless just for diagnosis -- to ensure that the SSID other basics were working fine before adding on the security.
  3. If your sub net is different than before your firewall is probably blocking it. Check your firewall settings.
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