Help! Cooler Bracket on AM2 MB Broken!

Recently I was doing a gaming session on BF 2142 and the sytem shutdown suddenly. It did this three times and I finally opened the case and found my Artic Freezer 64 Pro OFF THE PROCESSOR 8O AND LOOSE ON TOP OF MY 8800GTS! :( The thing had come completely loose from the MB and the part of the plastic bracket was snapped off. I am using the same computer to type with the tower lying sideways on the floor and the cooler JUST RESTING on the CPU! Please help!

Many Thanks!

Cullen (A.K.A Bolt14)
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  1. you might be able to get another bracket from your mobo manufacturer?
  2. Just when on another thread (Picking a CPU), I was discussing with apt403 the more or less danger of of tower coolers :D
    You should find some mounting brackets around on ewiz or newegg, in the same session of coolers :wink:
  3. yeah i have a couple of the arcticfreezer coolers.

    tall and kinda heavy 8O .

    but ihave had no problems yet.

    **now going to go and knock on some wood**

    oh except for the fact that my hdd is broke on my main gaming
    computer :x

    only got to enjoy the new 8800 card for bearly a week before
    the hdd decided to go south :cry:
  4. I intend to. :evil: ASUS has been good to me up till now. What REALLY ticks me off is I am now like SirHeck. Except I have 2 useless 8800GTS' sitting in a damaged M2N32 SLI Deluxe! :(
  5. What I am more worried about is if I have damaged my CPU because before I realized the cooler was off, I had the computer running :!: I dont have much money to replace things with because I just spent a good chunk of it on those 2 8800's.
  6. if you had your computer side ways and it was working.
    then your cpu is probably ok.

    you should be able to get another bracket from asus.

    then swap them out.
    i cant remember but they should be a bolt on bracket.
  7. You are lucky because thermal right has made a new version of the am2 heat sink bracket that will work well with your freezer pro 64.

    thermalright am2 bracket rev 2

    p.s. it's cheap
  8. I have the feeling the same is gonna happen with my scythe infinity on my core 2.....
  9. Well.. find someway to secure it with string/tie straps if its really that bad.
  10. This is quite like deja vue. I have the same cooler but on a 939 and I was playing BattleField and i heard a snap and a clunk... I immediatly thought "Uh oh thats not good" and i shut down and what did you know, the plastic snapped from the the bracket. Good luck to ya, i had to go 1 week without my comp :( while I ordered a new one online, it was like 7$
  11. lol string.

    and that revision? 8O looks like they just combined a s478 bit onto the am2.
    your lucky that mb isnt dead too 8) ..

    i think you remove the thing by unscrewing the two bolts and take off the backplate thing. ( the crazycool or sumthing like that)
  12. I had the same thing happen with my current system using the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64, and EPoX wouldn't replace the bracket unless I RMAed the whole motherboard. That wasn't an option because I needed my computer for schoolwork, so I made a replacement out of Lexan. Instead of making a cooler with tabs though, I made one with holes for screw-on style heatsinks and then bought a Zalman 9500. Here are some pictures:

    If making a custom part is not an option for you, then the Thermalright bracket linked above is probably a good idea.
  13. Actually, I have now fixed it and you won't believe whats holding it on there. Ready? TWIST TIES!!! :lol:
  14. found these today in search for a busted one on an ecs mother brd (AM2)
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