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I have a desktop pc that is wired to my dsl and wireless router. My laptop is wirelessly connected and access the internet fine. I've gone through the home network wizards on XP and all the names are correct etc. Does my desktop PC need a networking card? and if so, does it need a wired card ( because it's wired) or does it need a wireless card (because the laptop is wireless)? I want to share files but more importantly the printer. Thanks!!
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  1. Check the admin setup of the wireless network in your router. Some routers can block access to the LAN by wireless clients. Make sure yours is not set up that way.

    Also, your description of your network topology was a bit vague. Is your wired computer connected to one of the wired LAN ports on your wireless router?
  2. wow, those are great questions, and I am clearly in this over my head. I haven't a clue how to access the admin setup of my router. And I just set up the router in accordance with the directions - i wouldn't know any other way to do it and by looking at it, it doesn't appear there would be any other ways to do it. I'll have to seek a home visit - but I appreciate your help :)
  3. What is the make and model number of your DSL modem and router?

    And how, exactly, is your system connected? You ask if your desktop needs a wired or wireless card... it will need somethng, but this leads me to believe you are connecting to your router using USB. Is that correct?
  4. Ice - I'd done everything on the wizard yesterday, including the reboot on both computers and the network wasn't working. Today, it is -- haven't done anything that I'm aware of in the meantime, but since it's working, I'm not challenging it! :D thanks SO much for your attention ... enjoy the snow! (finally...)
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