Wireless network/router advice/questions

1) Wireless G, Wireless N, what are they? and what are the differences?

2)Linksys was "THE" router, so who is this newcomer,Netgear, and why should I use them over Linksys?

3) Maximum range ? Can it be extended ?
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  1. 11n is the up coming but it's a year off before the std is ratified and several months past that for hardware. So I would not even look at 11n, twice the price and and then you are there beta tester. There is a lot oc conflicting data on speed and distance. Real case says distance NOT, speed some do, but require same mfg hardware for it to work. Not a good neighbor with 11g systems.

    So save your money for now and stay with 11g.

    Liksys has kind of shot there self in the foot, or should I say sisco. If you can find a v3 WRT54G, latch on to it. Load wrt and your set.

    I do not like combo units. I use SMB VPN routers with a seperate AP. Like Netgear routers, USR5453AP, Dlink switches. I support them all.

    All can be extended with repeaters. I prefer designing one system right so I don't have to mess with them.
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