Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime ERROR

i get this error message every few hours on a new puter running a fulltime video camera recorder PCI card.

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library - Runtime error ! programme:C:\GV800\GV800.exe - This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way .

the system seems to overload , then shuts down the application and reboots itself ( i have it set to reboot if power is interupted )

Could it be due to low memory ?
The supplier says it needs at least a Pentium 4 with 256 M memory , i have 4 times more speed with this new puter

Note , it was worse on the old computer ( pentium 3 ), which had a smaller CPU and less memory ,the problem would occur every 30 minutes or so i just upgraded the puter thinking the old one was too slow but it still occurs about every 4 - 5 hours

any suggestions

Current system
celeron D 3.0 G
Gigabyte GA 945 GZM-S2 mobo
512 Meg DDR 667 Kingston memory
seagate 160 Gig HDD
Geovision GV800 PCI CCTV card
windows XP
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  1. thankyou kindly

    maxed out virtual memory now as you suggested , also noticed while doiing so that a VGA driver wasnt installed properly in device manager which may be a part of it

    going to change memory setting first then run it for a day or two and see if the problem goes due to the virtual memory aspect before i reinstall the VGA driver.

    ( will help to isolate which solution worked. )

    thankyou muchly , i think you got it.
  2. okay , i upped the virtual memory exactly as suggested , and installed the missing VGA driver , but the problem still exists unfortunately

    the error message pops up every 4 - 5 hours

    any suggestions ??
  3. you are correct , the company has now advised their drivers were faulty

    thankyou kindly.
  4. Sorry my english is not good yet..

    make sure there is no space in your installation program. e.g : "C:\Program Files\GV800".

    if there is a space, please re-install GV Series software to another folder without space. e.g : "C:\GV800".

    Another option, please upgrade your software version to 8.01 and later versions.

    If All not solve the problem, please make a tiny program to close the Windows "Runtime Error". use Delphi or VB.

    I hope these will help you. Nice Day

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  5. hi,
    i have a problem with Dragon Naturally installation. When i whant to install it is asks for visual c++ runtime, but i cnat find it on internet. whant should i do?
  6. what should i do?
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