Win 98SE system ressources help!!!

I have a 400mhz celeron pc with 50 gig hd, 256 megs of ram. My problem is now my computer is gettin slow every day. I checked my systems ressources and it says it's at 52%, now that is wack. Can someone help.
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  1. Do repetitve Ctrl-Alt-Del's and "End Task" on everything, except: <b><font color=blue>System Tray</b></font color=blue> & <b><font color=blue>Explorer</b></font color=blue> then check to see how many resources you have free. Chances are that you have too many bells & whistles running in the background. Don't worry all those gadgets will load up again after you reboot.

    If that resolves your resource problem, then decide what you want to take out of the startup. (Win9x/Me only) Then click on "START"|RUN, type "msconfig"|OK. Then click on the Startup tab and selectively uncheck what you don't want to startup. You will be prompted to reboot. Then thats it.

    BTW you may want to run scandisk and defrag also.

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  2. All those little icons on your task bar eat ram as well.
  3. Of course doing what jc14all suggested will probably eliminate some of those icons anyway.
  4. Also delete old *.TMP files.
    Despite they are sometimes 0 MB in size, Windows wastes time by reading them.
  5. Now, my systems ressources is at 65% is that good? Also good it be why Outlook Express is takin forever to load? Should I just re-install it?
  6. If 65% resources free is all you get after all background task have been ended, then no this is not acceptable. This is only a hunch; try updating all your hardware drivers (video, sound, directx <i>but avoid directx 8.1</i>, mouse...etc.), check Microsoft's Knowledge Base for your symptoms, check for any recommended patches.

    Just a suspicion I have for recommending the above, could be a result of memory leakage from poorly coded or buggy software. At least it is something that would help for the time being, until possibly I can discover something as I research. I'll post again if I find a probable cause.

    Microsoft article on <A HREF="" target="_new">Memory Leakage</A> so it could be a program that your recently loaded that after opening or closing could be causing the problem. But I'm still looking.

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  7. I suggest checking out what this great freelance writer - Fred Langa - has to say about Resource Leaks...

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Resource Leaks - Part 4</A>

    Read all four parts. The other three link from the page. I usually start up with 92% resources, and after running a lot of programs at once, and close them all down, I can get back up to 80%, I think. So, the article did help. :smile:

    Plus, if you liked all this, you might like this page, too: <A HREF="" target="_new">Fred Langa's Back Issues</A>
  8. Thanks for your help, really appreciate it.
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