Hi i want to set up a media server for my house. i want to be able to watch movies in my living room and listin to music in the other parts of the house. It has to work with windows and mac.

Q.1 my brother has sky in the room next to me and i want to know if i can stream it over the server as well, if i connect it to the computer via a t.v card.

Q.2 What would be the best and cheapest hardware be to the job.
(could i have a list of them plz)

thanx =)
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  1. I've got Windows XP Media Center installed on my PC, and downstairs have a Media Center Extender (xbox360) which allows me to put HighDef video/photos and play music from PC to the TV.

    Though this would limit you to Windows and a TV in 1 room.
    No idea how you would get live sky across it though.
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