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Hi all,
I'm new to networking and need some advice to where to go next.

I'm just about to build myself a new gaming pc and need to connect it to the broadband already installed, but am unsure to what hardware is needed, such as cable modem, router etc...

A few people have said wireless is a no-go for games due to random disconnects and slow speeds, is this true?

Also i dont want to have to have a admin computer that always needs to be on so i can use the internet.

Thanks in advance guys, Happy new year! :D
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  1. What tyoe of broadband connection is already installed?

  2. Its cable broadband using ntl world, im in the uk by the way.
  3. What is the speed of your broadband connection?

    What is the make and model number of your cable modem?
  4. I have a 4mb connection, but i dont have a modem.

    The broadband runs through the digital tv set-top box
  5. wireless is not good for FP games, lag is to great.

    You will need to add a router or switch, depending on the functions of your box, (if you only have 1 port).

    As far as the PC you are going to build. You will proably NOT need to add any nic card. Most all MB these day come pre equipted with 1 and some have 2 gig ports.

    So what you need to know is does the cablebox have a built in router? or just a single lan port. If built in router is their more than 1 lan port? Is the built in router have a firewall? If firewall and single port you will only need a switch to expand your system. For add security you could use a router.

    Your IP address could give you a clue, if 192.168 or 10.10 subnets you have a router. If not you will need a router.
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