Upside-down mounting of PS

Hi I just put together my new system. It's an Antec P180b case with a Seasonic S12 Energy+ SS-650HT power supply.

I mounted the power supply upside-down (with the fan pointing up). My idea is the air will blow up and out.

Is this a good idea or has anyone else done the same thing? Thanks.
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  1. Ok got it. I suppose I just meant "upside-down" since the stickers and labels on the front are now upside down :)

    So do you think (from an air-flow point of view) it is better to have the fan on top or on bottom in my case?
  2. Yes the PSU is mounted on the bottom end of the case. That's the only place to put it really, due to the design of the case chassis.

    But I'm still unsure on whether I should place the PSU with the fan facing "up" or the fan facing "down" :?
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