Speaker pins on motherboard

I just put together a system based on a P5b-deluxe last night.

I noticed that it has pins for a speaker on the panel (the panel with the HDD LED, RESET, POWER, etc.), but my case doesn't have a speaker wire. My case is the Antec P180b. Am I missing something? Thanks.
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  1. Ok im suposing you have an input visible on the case? Have a look inside to see if the cables hidden behind the drive bays. If it isnt ther ei suppose you want a replacement?
  2. I was thinking that the speaker pins were for the system speaker. You know the thing that does the beeps for the BIOS error codes. Am I wrong?

    I have an audio cable coming from the front of the case where there are inputs...but I haven't connected that cable. I have the onboard audio disabled on my motherboard. I could plug this cable into my X-Fi sound card but I heard that sound quality is better if you plug your headphones directly into the back of the card.

    I hope that made sense :D
  3. Is there a front panel audio bit or is it all in the front panel bit. You may need to connect them near the hdd things and im pretty sure they are for the inputs not just beeps. If you dont need the front panel im not sure what the problem is.
  4. The Speaker pins down at the HDD, PWR LED and so on are for the system speaker that makes the system beeps at boot-up. Unfortunately not all cases comes with a system speaker and not all motherboards have a speaker soldered onto the board. Try check at your local hardware pusher if they have a system speaker laying around, now-a-days it's often the tiny black cylinder with a red and a black wire.

    The audio pins is a set of 8 pins somewere close to the left edge of the board, they are often placed between the PCI slots.
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