Seagate 1tb HDD... when??

I saw this was announced "first half 2007" back in early Jan. Haven't heard a thing since.

When is Seagate's 1TB drive suppossed to hit? Any idea when an announcement may be?

I'm waiting for this so it drops the 500gb and/or 750gb drive prices downwards...
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  1. anyone?

    and - when the drive comes out, is it expected to significantly drop prices of the 500gb or 750gb, or should those remain somewhat stable at $150/$260 with the new drive coming in at $400?
  2. Interesting Timing for your AnandTech posted a review of Hitachi's 1TB HDD. The Benchies were quite impressive, and it costs just $399.

    In the first page of the review they mention that the Seagate 1TB has been delayed to Q2 2007.

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