Problems using Print Server via NAS on home network

I'm having some serious problems using the built-in print server on my D-Link DNS-323 NAS device and wondering if anyone had siimilar probs or could help.

The problem is that in some programs (e.g. Corel Paint Shop Pro XI) printing is very, very slow. I don't mean the actual printing, that's quick, but in terms of pressing the "print" button to the printer actually starting the print job. My computer pretty much locks up the program and the printers window, as well waits 2 to 4 minutes, and then prints. It is also slow to even bring up printer preferences window in order to change things such as paper type, size, etc. Further, in other programs (e.g. corel wordperfect x3), the print window recognizes the printer, but won't enable the print function since it says it is waiting for the printer to initialize, which it never does (or at least after the 15 minutes I waited, and this includes after going into printers and faxes control panel and making sure printer was "ready").

My set-up: all pretty new, so may be there exist some bugs with that, but none that I've noticed:
-PC is about one month old, home brewed PC with e6600 conroe cpu, Abit AW9D-Max mobo with 2 gigabit ethernet contollers, 2 gig ram, running windows XP Pro SP2. Computer works fine otherwise
- Printer is a canon all-in-one inkjet MP830 printer. color, inkjet, fax, scanner, etc. this is connected via usb to NAS device, below.
-The NAS is a D-Link DNS-323 byod raid 1 NAS device with 2x wd caviar drives, wired, gigabit controller. Just installed and formatted, but works fine for past two days in terms of storing/providing files and Itunes server (other than printing). This device has a built in print server via usb port.
- DLink DGL-4100 "gamers lounge" 4 port wired router with all gigabit ports. The above computer is in one port, the above NAS in another port, DLink VoIP device in 3rd Port, and a Dlink 8 port gigabit capable wired swtich in router's 4th port. This router was installed about one week ago and I have not noticed any problems or bottlenecks yet. (other than printing).
- Router is connected to a motorola surfboard cable modem if it matters.
- Another pc is also connected to the network, but seldom used, an old Dell Dimension 8300 which was replaced by the DIY computer above.

all drivers or configs are installed from cds for the printer, nas and router.

So, I cannot really figure out what is going on where one program can print, albeit like molasses, while another won't ever aknowledge that the printer is on (although it does recognize the printer). Am I doing something wrong? Can I do something better? Is there a known problem with NAS's and All-In-One printers connected? any help appreciated.


curt jameson
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  1. Most print servers do not play well with multifunction devices. Those units require 2way communications. Move it back to your pc and everything should fine.
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