Few questions for a first time build


Just read the mobo and raid faq ... But still have a few questions.

I'm building a system for the first time, done lots of reading, think I've got everything hardware wise covered. (the system is for my Dad, nothing fancy, won't be overclocking or anything) Question is on Bios/SATA ...

Mobo: Asus M2N E SLI AM2

Harddrive: WD SATA 250gb OEM (just the drive)

Optical drive: LiteOn combo DVD/CD burner SATA

Here's my question. The above HD and OD are the only drives I'm planning on getting. No floppies, no IDE devices.

Will be installing a clean new copy of WinXP Pro.

Does it matter which order I plug the HD and DVD into the SATA plugs on the mobo?

So after I get all the hardware/ram/vid card/mobo/psu/HD/DVD installed correctly, and flip the switch. Boot up the computer, and go in the BIOS. Will it auto detect the 2 SATA drives?

As for RAID 0/1/0+1 etc, does this still apply if all I've got is just one SATA harddrive? I assume this means leaving it on 0 is the correct setting ...

What's the procedure I should follow? I know I need to set it to boot from the DVD first, and install windows from there. But I've read conflicting info about installing SATA controller drivers, and needing a floppy drive. Since I've only got one HD, do I need to install 3rd party SATA controller drivers?

Sorry for the rambling thoughts, but this is kinda of confusing he first time around.

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  1. Why are you going to buy a 939 socket motherboard? It is a dead end board and really should be considered if you have a legacy parts that needs the older board.
    MOst of the time, when you boot the first time, the BIOS looks for the HD and when it finds no boot sector, it checks the next thing which will be the DVD and the OS disk.
    You can forget about Raid, only matters when you have 2 drives and then only after the OS boots up and installs. Whether you need SATA drivers depends on the mother board, the version of OS you use and sometimes the controller.
  2. AM2 still has some life in itself.

    The mobo doesn't care the order the drives are installed. It'll find the first one that has O/S on it & boot it up. HOWEVER, Windows is not smart enough & may see itself as D drive, etc. So the "best" would be all harddisks 1st, optical 2nd or last.

    Above the individual drive setup, there's a RAID option. Disable it.

    Lastly, set up bios to boot from FLOPPY, CD/DVD, HDD last. Otherwise, you won't be able to boot up Windows install cd.
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