Irc Serving problem

Firstly 75% of the time i have no problems serving(Legit Stuff by the way), however every once in a while a user will connect to me, and try to get a file, upon them trying to receive the file my router/modem (BT voyager 205) will freeze and can only be started again by pulling the power and turning on again.

my current setup is

Router/modem(DMZ to wireless router)----->Wireless router(forwarding ports to my comp) ---> Switch---->ME + other users all on static IPs

whilst i know this is not the ideal setup it is the only way i can get functionallity using curent hardware accross my house, includes wires going from an outside office with a couple of comps into the house with a couple of comps and one wireless laptop

as i say it works 75% of the time when serving but disconnects when someone tries to connect however i have noticed that it happens only for certain people(four or five users i have noticed so far) is this a problem on their end causing me to disconnect or some problem on my end that most users seem to get past. it seems to disconnect about three times a day now esspecially during peak times each time i have to go downstairs outside into the office and reset which is a pita. Does anybody have any suggestions?

i'm considering getting a new Modem/Router possibly the Linksys AG241 but if anyone has any suggestions i would more than appreciate it
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  1. Your setup is very hard to understand.

    Does the problem accour going over wireless, wired or both?
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