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Today, I ordered a PS3 and MLB 11 The Show off of Newegg. I placed the order at 1:42 PM EST, which means 10:42AM PST, well before their 12PM PST deadline. At 1:50PM EST, both products changed from "Processing" to "Charged" At 5Pm EST, I checked the status of the order and the PS3 shipped out (no tracking number yet) from their NJ Warehouse (It's a 40 mile drive from my home in Manhattan), but the game remained at "Charged" status. Now, its 8:50PM EST here in NYC and the game is still at "Charged" and I still don't have a tracking number for the PS3. It's been 7 hours and the game hasn't even been on the "Packaging" step yet

Any Explanations?

It's not that I'm impatient, I'm just wondering how it would take 7 hours to package a PS3 game (UPS Three Day and no rush processing). Finally, I've heard a lot about Newegg giving bogus order status updates? Is this true? I was really hoping for everything to come in one box, but apparently that won't be the case

Also, how long does it take Newegg to give tracking numbers? Or do I need to get to support (which I never enjoy doing)
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  1. Quote:
    I was really hoping for everything to come in one box, but apparently that won't be the case

    Paging Newegg Customer Service Santa. Your 'you better not pout Clause' is in question.
  2. i've bought a rather large amount of electronics from newegg and they never screwed up once.

    i wouldnt be suprised if the game comes in the same box as the ps3. sometimes the shipping tags don't get updated right if they ship from a very close warehouse.

    i've already received items from the NJ warehouse before they were changed to "shipped".

    i wouldnt worry about it (unless 3 or more days go by without getting your game) then just give them a chat/call/email.
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  4. Hello YankeesPwnMets,

    If you are currently experiencing any issues with your order, please contact Newegg representative Dianne Segue at 800-390-1119 ext 25045 or email her at and she will assist you.

    Thank you.
  5. I've NEVER had a problem with Newegg shipping. Sometimes they ship games, dvd's and such, by mail..
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