CPU temp ?? Which One is the imp???

Hy , i've been asking myself a question for some time now , its time that I clear any misunderstanding with your help
i have a AMD Venice 3200+ and in bios i get only 1 temp for the cpu!! (28C ,its oc'ed to 2400mhz) , and most programs show me 2 temp for the cpu , one for the CPU TEMP 28C and the other the CPU DIODE TEMP 35C (or CORE TEMP) ,now which one of them is the temp that is should be worried for ??? and in the reviews i've read that i shouldn't pass 56C with this cpu !!, now that 56 is for the core temp or the cpu temp because at full load theres a difference of 10C between the 2 !! thanks !!
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  1. Wow, someone from my part of the world. :lol:
  2. You could try using Prime95, using the torture test. As soon as you start it, watch the temp climb. The one that rises faster should be the CPU. The other temp reading should be for the chipset or MB.

  3. i understand what you're telling me but believe me both are from the cpu
    both are cpu temp ,but one of then is the core and the other the cpu ,now the cpu temp is always smaller buy at least 5C then the CORE temp , my point is that what which one of those 2 is the real cpu temp !!! ,both rise as i hit prime 95 , i would oc but i dont know which one should be more imp ,i should go by the temp in my bios or the higher one that IS the CPU CORE temp ???
  4. :? . o O (Ooooph.. I see)

    Well, after doing some searching I found this as far as sensors:

    Tips, Tricks, and Mods

    There is a guy there (screaminglemon) that did some investigation, on the different sensors.

    now there seems to be 5 valid temp readings:
    LM90 remote
    LM90 local

    by running mbm5 and HM concurrently, we see that:
    LM90 remote = ABS II
    winbond1 = RT1
    winbond2 = cpu die

    now we know that LM90 sensor measures only 2 things, itself and a diode. since we know it IS measuring the on-cpu diode, we can conclude that the other temp is the socket because thats where the LM90 chip is sitting. plus, ive never seen LM90 local and winbond2 more than 2C apart.

    Basically, the on die temp is what you prolly should trust. The other would be the socket temp reading. Unless what I found is totally wrong, or not based upon the same chipset.

    Also found:

    AMD64 3200+ Venice S939

    One thing that I am very impressed with, is the low temperatures with the CPU during all tests. The computer is in a room with a high ambient temperature.. moreso than it should be. Therefore, temperatures usually end up being higher, especially when equipped with only the stock cooler. Either way, the CPU hardly rose above 48ºC, and maxed at 54ºC after running Prime95 for an hour. In a normal ambient temperature, and using a good CPU cooler, 40ºC and lower should be achieved easily.

    From that quote, I'd say as long as you have a good cooler & airflow, you should be able to keep things cool.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Thats more like it :D thanks a LOT !!!
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