Rewired my system, constructive criticism welcome.

As the title says, I've rewired my system and any constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

Heres my system:
(Warning: Over 4 MB big for all images, dial up beware!)

This is what it used to look like, I also had a friends hard drive in there at the time that I was trying to fix.
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  1. Much better! :)

    There are a few suggestions I would make, but I'm ANAL about cable management, so take it with a grain of salt.

    -Invest in some zip ties. Small, medium, big tri-pack should run you only a few bucks
    -All those power cables at the top, use a big zip tie to bundle them tightly together
    -Power cable(s) coming vertically down along the hard drive cage......pull them behind the cage if enough slack and tie them there with a couple zip ties.....1 at top, 1 near bottom
    -Red SATA cable that's hanging there....tuck it against the mobo to hide it better. If you're really ambitious, remove 2 mobo screws and shove the SATA cable behind the mobo (carefully though)
    -Arctic Freezer CPU cable.....tuck the slack around the tob knob of the should *just* fit.....tight though, but should work. That'll get rid of the slack....this is purely aesthetics though ;)
    -With those Ultra power supplies, you can fold the cables quite easily. So fold them back on themselves, and secure with large zip tie.
    -Tuck excess slack deeper into hard drive cage and use zip tie to secure
    -Tape down case fan wires to the interior of your case....the roof if necessary. Use electrician's tape if possible.
    -Install a UV-reactive SATA cable instead of that red one. Then install 2 UV-reactive cold cathodes and watch how PIMP your case looks :D

    Remember, I'm anal, but those suggestions will take you to the next level of cable management if you want ;)

    Good improvement though!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions.. I'm kind of anal about cabling myself (Hence the fact that this is the FIFTH time I've rewired it), I'm actually going to buy a new SATA drive and pull out those two IDE drives, get rid of that retarded ribbon cable and the SATA cable + power cable running to the top, then just have all my drives neatly located on the bottom.

    I figured it out that by doing that, I free up A LOT of space on the bottom and top and have the potential to improve airflow greatly. On a side note, the improvements I've made today have made some improvements in cooling. Average temperatures are 2C lower then usual :)

    Edit: Ironically I used a gardening tool (The green stuff you see on the railing) to accomplish a lot of things.
  3. Good to hear about the temps :)

    Ya, wiring is often a work in progress. Look into rounded IDE cable in the meantime if you want.

    I had the same problem with my IDE cable :( Here's my cabling job:

  4. That is an awesome job!

  5. Dear god.. your case looks immaculate compared to mine. I have a ways to go, I also plan on upgrading the PSU eventually. I don't think the one I have can handle a new video card like the G80 series along with all the stuff I'm running as is.. It gets me a bit paranoid.

    Hopefully if I can get a modular PSU with nice rounded cables, not the ones that look like some ribbon cable as I have now, and the new SATA drive, a lot of my cabling worries will go away. Til then, it's looking for every nook and cranny to hide them in!
  6. LOL, thx. I'm still looking for a way to get those 4 SATA cables to go behind...... :oops:

    Sounds like you're on track to get your case going. After you upgrade your PSU think about how to improve even more. The modular cables will help too.

    Good luck!
  7. Yeah, thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into some of those later on tonight. I was trying to figure out for a while what to do about some of the cables I had lying 'round.
  8. Move that sound card down one PCI slot, ASAP!!!

    It's way too close to your GPU.

    Also, you should dust off the fans and the inside.

    Good job though! Looks nice and tidy compared to how it was before.
  9. good job compared to mine :)
    do you think the PSU at the bottom is better?
  10. "Better"? Not for cable management, that's for sure. Better for cooling, etc? I think so.

    Most mobos are not cable-friendly for PSU's at the bottom of the case. The power headers are at the top, the IDE's are often at the top....makes for difficult cabling.

    When building for friends, I have only used top-mounted PSU...makes wiring a piece of cake, I'm usually done pretty fast. Tuck the wires behind the mobo, put some behind the HDD cage, feed a couple under the SATA drives, tape the case fan wires to the sides and BOOM, done!

  11. Before you could buy rounded cables, we would do it ourselves. Take an exacto knife and carefully slice between every fourth or sixth cable. Then use small cable ties to round it up. Works just fine, as long as don't sneeze while you're doing it. :twisted:
  12. Wow! your case is ALOT cleaner than mine!!

    I have to invest some time and thinking into managing the mess of cables both in my custom AND my dell (I believe my modded dell needs to have airflow too!)

    Any Tips?/Hints?

  13. 1. Hide cables where ever possible
    2. Try to keep them out of the path of a fan
    3. Anywhere you have multiple holes that you can stick something in one side and grab from another is extremely helpful (See #6, where I used the back of the case to route a ton of cables)
    4. As SkyGuy said, wiring a system is a steady process. It took me a while to get my system to look semi-presentable as it is now.
  14. Sweet...I hope my dell has some hidy places to hide the mass of cables!!!..We shall see..

    I'm sure my custom's case has PLENTY of hiding is worse than my dell..(I'm sure anyone that would look at it would cry in shame....)

    Work is ahead of me!

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