4x 160GB WD1600AAJS *NEW* Hard Drives vs. Raptor?

Hi all,

New prices came in today on the brand new 160GB offering from Western Digital, the WD1600AAJS. Its a single platter design thats prob the fastest non-raptor SATA drive available.

WD 160Gb 7200rpm 8M SATA2 U300 (#1600JS/AAJS) $61.99


WD 150GB 10000RPM SATA (U150) 16M - RAPTORS SERIES (# WD150ADFD) $258.00

I'm wondering, with a small chunk size, would 4x AAJS drives blow away 1, or even 2, Raptors on all fronts except possibly heat emissions?

Does anyone have any numbers on 4 drive RAID 0 arrays? As a system/appz drive only. I have a dedicated fileserver box for storage.

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  1. I suppose 160x4 = 640GB = a bit large as a system drive... hmm...
  2. Put them in raid 0 and be done with it.

    edit. here's some numbers from PCmark '05
    for these 80 giggers

    HDD - XP Startup 17.3 MB/s
    Physics and 3D 194.34 FPS
    Transparent Windows 1199.92 Windows/s
    3D - Pixel Shader 323.51 FPS
    Web Page Rendering 3.75 Pages/s
    File Decryption 48.28 MB/s
    Graphics Memory - 64 Lines 2308.99 FPS
    HDD - General Usage 9.57 MB/s
    Multithreaded Test 1 / Audio Compression 2724.14 KB/s
    Multithreaded Test 1 / Video Encoding 415.01 KB/s
    Multithreaded Test 2 / Text Edit 170.3 Pages/s
    Multithreaded Test 2 / Image Decompression 32.0 MPixels/s
    Multithreaded Test 3 / File Compression 5.94 MB/s
    Multithreaded Test 3 / File Encryption 28.23 MB/s
    Multithreaded Test 3 / HDD - Virus Scan 60.57 MB/s
    Multithreaded Test 3 / Memory Latency - Random 16 MB 13.46 MAccesses/s

  3. Quote:
    Compusa has the raptor 150 gb for $219 if you can find one in stock...but I would go with the 4 drives and save the money, you wont see a notable difference thats worth the extra money for the raptors..I was going with 2 x raptors but researched and found that 2 new WD 16 mb cache 7200 rpm hard drives in raid 0 is nearly as good for alot less money...

    Microcenter has the best deal on Raptors right now I'd say (didnt research). Picked up one a couple weeks ago.
  4. Those prices I quoted (61 for the WD1600AAJS and 250 for the Raptor) are Canadian Dollars at wholesale prices (thru my small business).

    Shadow - Those 80GB drives aren't like the new 160GB single-platter WDxxxxAAJS drives, but thanks.

    Solider - I have an old 74GB raptor and it is noticably faster than any of my other single-drive systems. I do however have a RAID0 2x 250GB WD KS Sata2 in my fileserver that benches signifigantly faster than my single raptor.
  5. Does anyone actually have a AAJS yet? Or is it a 'soft-release' ?
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