High temps with watercooling

Alright I have a problem that I cannot understand. I just built a new rig which is giving me outrageous temps under load. Idle seems funny as well.


p5b Deluxe
Core 2 duo 1.8 ghz
7600 GT OC
2gb OCZ ram
Danger Den watercooling

At Idle:

System: 42C
CPU: 48C
AUX: 119C
HD0: 34C
CORE0: 37C
CORE 1: 36C


System: 48C
CPU: 80C
AUX: 119C
HD0: 39C
CORE 0: 65C
CORE 1:66C

These temp readings are from Speedfan; PC Probe II shows similar. I really have no idea why I'm getting such high temps? Inaccurate reading (I hope so)?

The only problem I had during set-up was when I powered it up right after filling up my water cooling my pc wouldn't turn on and all I would hear was one click from the PSU. The water pump was the cause and it worked after I un/re plugged it in. I found that odd.

I also get an error during bootup that says CPU fan not working (not the exact wording but thats basically what it says). I'll reboot and edit with exact wording.

EDIT: Error messages I get during startup are:

CPU Ucode Loading error
CPU Fan error

I attempted to update my bios through ASUS Update and it says that there are no new updates available :?

Definately need some help on this one, thanks in advance to everyone for their help and advice!
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  1. What's the room temp? Air/water cooling will NOT get under room temp. Only phase change & a/cing.

    Is the cpu block securely tightly? Even the best cpu hsf will cool worse than a stock if the contact is loose or there's too much thermal paste.
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