My E4300 overclock and temps, seems high.

Ambient - 19c
Chipset - 965p
C2D - E4300
Cooler - Stock max speed
Freq - 2.5ghz (277x9)
Load - TAT
MB - DS3 Rev 3.3
Vcore - 1.325
Memory - OCZ 667 @ 5-5-5-13
Note: I cannot figure out how to change my timings.

2 120mm fans, one in front, one in back pulling air through and out.

Tcase - 22c
Tjunction - 24c

Tcase - 55c
Tjunction - 59c

Idle - 43c
Load - 72c

Let me know what you think those temps seem scorching to me.
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  1. Computronix?
  2. TAT misreads temps high on e4300 (probably something like 'Actual Temp+15C'). Use CoreTemp. You true idle temps are probably somewhere in the mid 20s.
  3. I think its been discussed, the TAT readings are correct. I am in the same boat as you though, no matter the heat sink I use I get 73 degrees TAT full load. (bewteen 45-50 idle, overclocked or not)

    E4300 @ 2.8

    If I try anything over 2.8 I crash during TAT leading me to believe that TAT readings are indeed correct.(that and a well respected poster confirmed this in other threads)

    I am beginning to wonder if it is our chips, as a friend of mine has a very similar setup and has his E4300 @ 3.0 with 60 degrees TAT full load.
  4. I had read that it can be an issue with the die on top of the cpu not being flat and that it can be lapped, is this information correct, that it can be?

    My idle temps are pretty low I think, I pushed it to 3.0 tonight, and listening to music, AIM running in the background and using Firefox, I'm idling at 37c Tjunction and a Tcase of 19c, although the Tcase seems a tad low considering my Ambient is probably around 18 or 19c, /shrug. Waiting for one of the gurus to post and see what they have to say.

    I should also note that I now am reading the correct Core 0 and 1 temps in Speed fan as they're offset +15c. Still not sure why the Tcase is reading so low.
  5. TAT excessively loads the cpu more than any other program can or will. Its temps will always be higher than just using orthos or p95. A temp of up to ~65C is often expected when OCed and under a 100% TAT load. I have heard that the e4300 is read wrong by TAT but I'm not sure about it.
  6. Im running a C2D E6300 at 3.3Ghz OC'd and it idels at 42C and when I run Orthos the CPU hits 58C im getting this from speed fan 4.32. Is this something I should worry about? or is this temp fine for this CPU?
  7. Obviously not trying to hijack or anything :roll:

    @OP: Here is a list of temps from the c2d temp sticky (which you must read) showing what is and isnt safe and the paragraph explaining it:

    The temp scale shown in the example below illustrates the normal ~ 25c range between Idle and TAT @ 100% Load, and the typical ~ 15c difference between Tcase and Tjunction. 50c Tcase and 65c Tjunction with TAT @ 100% Load are safe and sustainable temperatures.


    --70--/--85--85-- Shutdown
    --65--/--80--80-- Throttle
    --60--/--75--75-- Hot
    --55--/--70--70-- Warm
    --50--/--65--65-- N
    --45--/--60--60-- O
    --40--/--55--55-- R
    --35--/--50--50-- M
    --30--/--45--45-- A
    --25--/--40--40-- L

    Put simply, your temps fall between warm and hot, which isnt good but is not entirely unsafe assuming the readings are correct. The problem is your temps may be even higher than shown (or lower but lets stick with worst-case here just to be safe) because of inaccuracies.
  8. i always run 4 different temp monitors simultaneously when i run tests while OCing:

    1) PC Wizard
    2) Core Temp
    3) Speed Fan
    4) TAT

    of the 4, the first 3 always are within 1-2C of each other while TAT reports are way higher. for example, right now, the first three report 37-39C while TAT reports 56C. and i'm at <4% CPU load. i find it hard to believe that the first three are all wrong.. :?

    or might TAT have an issue with my OS being 64bit? just a guess.

    details of my rig is in my sig.
  9. Oh yea, I've read and re-read that sticky multiple times, I know that my temps aren't within the idle to full load delta range from testing previously.

    I took off my heat sink to see if it was seating correctly, when i lifted it off of the CPU I noticed the whole center of the heat sink wasn't even touching the CPU. I'm not sure if that is a Heat sink thing, or a CPU thing. Ill have to pick up a Scythe infinity and see if that changes my temps at all. My thermal paste also looks like its separating in the tube, so maybe I should pick up some new paste as well.
  10. That could be it, but check your temps with another program. Not being able to OC a CPU past a certain point does not necessarily mean temps are high, so that logic of supporting TAT as accurate is faulty. In TAT (the higher temp), CoreTemp and MOBO temp readings, my temps have changed by 1C when going from 1.8 to 2.4, so OC'ing this CPU is not going to prove to me that TAT is correct. Make sure to seat that CPU properly and run tests with numerous programs (Check in BIOS, Speedfan, Coretemp, and compare those results to TAT and you may see a large discrepancy). It sounds like you're temps will prove o be just fine, but double check.
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