DMZ and Ping issue when changing ip address for a server

I have got a media server 2003 installed in DMZ zone (Cisco PIX 525) , with an ip address, it was able to ping other servers (sql server , help server, etc ) which are in DMZ zone as well. Basically all servers are in DMZ area

Recently this media server is not able to ping these servers (sql server , help server, etc) , I do not why, but if I changed the ip address (last octet only) for this media server to , it would be able to ping other servers (sql server , help server, etc).

There is no firewall on the media server and there is no firewall on the other servers as well.

All servers have got win2003 OS.

The error message for ping is : timed out

This is no entry with our cisco PIX for both IP addresses and
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  1. I'm just curious, if you change the IP to *.*.*.222 and it works, why not just leave it there?
  2. "arp -d" command solved the issue, thanks guys for this advice
  3. Glad things worked out, you could have also entered "clear arp" on the PIX to refresh the ARP table.
  4. Quote:
    entered "clear arp" on the PIX

    I would not have been thinking of that , because since the PIX won't do anything with the ICMP traffic on the DMZ local network.
    ICMP traffic will go into one port of the switch and out the relevant one to the receiving server, and never reach the PIX.
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