AMD 3700 Sandy to AMD Operton 146?

i currently own a AMD 3700, but my motherboard is not allowing me to bring it up any higher from my 2.8 GHz oc. I recently saw an add for a AMD Opteron 146 and a DFI lanparty all for 200 dollars (CAN) I asked him how much he would sell the mobo for as i was planning to keep my 3700, but i have no idea how an opteron performs. Need you guys to help out!

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  1. The Opteron 146 will Overclock to nothing above 2.8Ghz either :cry:
  2. It might not overclock better but is it better ARCHITECHTURALYWISE
  3. You post question is a little confusing too, but An Opteron is basically a better binned Athlon 64 3400+, it'll be a few degrees cooler and maybe be able to undervolt or Not require Voltage bumping to overclock to full potential

    There is nothing ARCHITECTURALLY better about the Opteron, other than it can use it's resources a few percentage more efficiently.

    Architecturally as in (Core 2 Duo vs Pentium??)

    EDIT: Changed from 4000+ to 3700+ to finally 3400+(first 2 times because i didn't remember the Model Speeds and 2nd time i looked but didn't have my glasses on, so i eyed 3700+ instead of the 3400+ on the super small Toms hardware Mega Chart with Athlon XP to Pentium D range only(I've only got the Pre-Core 2 Duo one) and and when i did look on the charts for the last time with Glasses had to fix it up finally :D )
  4. YO DUDE!!! what the F? u changed ur post 3 times from better then a 4000, to 3700 and now a 3400? ur a serious n00b. anyone else know if the Opteron is worth the up grade?

    Thanx L8er :)
  5. probably not worth it.
  6. Quote:
    Only thing that is worth upgrading to in the 939 opteron line is either a 165 or higher dual core. Upgrading from a single core to a single core is not worth it.

    er yeah what you said. :wink:
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