Recycle Bin does not work/permissions error

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I have upgraded some of the PCs at work, and one of them
is doing some really odd stuff. It malfunctioned as soon
as we changed the computer name and network ID for the

The new user is a normal user, but cannot use his recycle
bin (pressing delete just deletes the file - no move to
bin animation).

Also, only items created by the user can be altered. It
says there is an access violation. Anyone have any ideas
about this? Should I try to recreate the user account?

Thanks for the input,

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.setup_upgrade (More info?)

    Hi John,

    Check whether the "remove files immediately when deleted" option is checked
    in the Recycle Bin properties.

    As for the access violation part, since the user is able to create and
    alter items, check whether the user has adequate permissions for other
    items that the user wants to alter.

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