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I did a fresh install of windows 2000 pro w/sp2..updated to latest bios..installed latest drivers. After installation was complete I noticed that the resolution on my Gateway Solo Laptop 9300 was too high...even for a 15.7" screen. I lowered it from 1280 by 1024 to 1024 by 768. Immediately the screen size shrunk. I checked BIOS settings with no luck. I have since stuck with the higher resolution even though its a bit annoying to view at such a high resolution. Anyone know how I can set it to 1024 by 768 without the screen size shrinking??
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  1. You might want to experiment with the refresh rates...LCD's are rather particular about them.
  2. Thanx I tried that with no luck. I even tried finding "Stretch Screen" options under ATI utilities. Oddly it shows the option in my other Solo 9300 Laptop but not the other. I have since re-installed Windows ME and now building a real win 2000 server. Having 3 computers cant be a bad thing while studying for my MCSE 2000. I was also getting 2 boot up "Service errors" in the event log that I couldnt get rid of thanks to the same video driver problem. No biggy...yet another format under my belt.
  3. a lot of laptop screens are setup in such a way that certian pixels are set (permanantly) to set resolutions. you can do nothing to have the 1024x768 resolution expand to use your entire LCD screen. sorry :(
  4. in some lcd's the amount of pixles (not like in crts) are set up so that they are the same number as the resolution. 1024x768 imeans 1024 pixles by 768 pixles. in lcd's the pixles are already on the screen just waiting to be colored in where as in crts the size of pixles are negotiable. Make sure your refresh rate is not too high! That may effect this too.

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  5. LCD's don't have refresh rates, so no matter what you change it to it won't make a difference other than perhaps an instability/incompatibility error. Most notebooks have a toggle that can expand a resolution that is lower than native to full screen, just by stretching one 'pixel' over say 4 actual screen pixels (even if its some wierd resolution) - some dont.

    I don't know if yours does or not, if it DOES support stretching, it will say so in your manual.


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  6. they dont support refresh rates per-say however the amount of time it takes for a pixle on the screen is usually translated as the refresh rate, just mess with. why dont you want it to be at 1024x768 again?

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