How to solve cold solder problem for connector

I want to know how to solve the problem if there are cold solder on the connector. I was confused. please help me.
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  1. Is it bridging contacts and causing an issue?

    if so, what exactly is the connector and what component/cable is it on,
    it may be something you could de-solder yourself safely, or a simple job for someone at your local pc store
  2. Use a digital volt meter and test for continuity, using the probes above and below the solder joint. That will show if it's good or bad. If it proves to be a bad connection, you can try using a low watt solder iron, 15 watts, and heat the connector, you want to cause the solder to heat and flow onto the connector, not the other way around...
  3. To locate cold solder joints, use a strong light and magnifier and examinethe pins of large components for hairline cracks in the solder around thepin. Gently wiggle the component if possible (with the power off). Any detectable movement at the joint indicates a problem. With the power on,gently prod the circuit board and suspect components with an insulated tool to see if the problem can be effected. When in doubt, resolder any suspicious connections.

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  4. Well, good heat conduction between the soldering iron and the joint, the small amount of solder should be applied to a portion of tin-soldering iron tip, and this area would be applied to the joint. Soldering wire can then be used in common, but have not been in contact with iron.
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