Filevault error unable to log in

I tried to install windows 7 on my late 2009 macbook pro 13". using the bootcamp assistant to create a partition for windows it said some files can't be moved please back your system format the drive and restore it. So i did it restoring it from a time mahing back up. Now when i go to log in it says logging in then it pops up saying You are unable to log into the FileVault user account at this time. logging into this account failed because an error occurred.

So now What, I have to totally reinstalll a new copy on MAc

Please can anyone help, I have all of my photos and music which i don't have backed up anywhere else apart from on the time machine.

many thanks

C Cowan
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  1. This is unfixable, I spent 42 minutes on the phone to apple and on my time machine it had backed up everything apart from my actual account so i had no way of getting back to what i had! So I am going to hopefully just run windows on my mac
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