Sharing a Printer: new 64-bit Win 7 pc and an old 32-bit Vista pc

I recently, successfully built my first pc with much help from the community here. I built it mainly for my 14yo to do school work and video games on rather to replace our aging desktop which is still used also.

The old machine runs 32-bit Vista while the new one is 64-bit Win7, of course. In our reorganization we moved our Canon MP610 printer to be hooked up to the new machine, but it'd be great if we could share it amongst both pc's and my older son's new laptop.

I've search and read lots of sites online, but can't really find a solution to get the old pc to be able to "see" the printer to share. Canon's no help regarding new drivers or anything either.

Does anyone have a fix for me?
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  1. heres the 64 bit driver

    as to networking the printer between xp and 7 it is possible as i have done it before but other times it just wouldnt have it even if it got to to point where xp machine saw the printer and installed the driver and said it was available it wouldnt print

    install the drivers on windows 7 64bit

    go to control panel--network and internet--network and sharing centre--change advanced settings on the left hand side--turn on network discovery--turn on file and printer sharing--turn on password protected sharing to prevent others accessing your printer if you are using a wireless router

    restart pc just to be sure--start xp machine see if it pops up found new hardware and installs the driver--if not go to add printer and follow the wizard for a network printer

    as i say it may work easily or may not--ideally two windows 7 machines is best
  2. Thanks, but my old machine is Vista not XP.
  3. whoops--my bad--should put on my reading glasses--what i posted should still be the way to do it principle is still the same and vista is closer to 7 than xp so may be easier
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