P5W DH deluxe problems(i think due to newly built computer)

OK i jst finished putting my new computer together but to find a few things going wrong.

Im using old harddrives form my last set up which still has windows on it, I want to make a new clean instail on that harddrive, but the problem is it won't reconise the harddrives wen i go into the bios but wen i go into harddrive section of boot 2 are there which are on one IDE channel. but my dvd rom, and other harddrive(i have 3) arn't reconised, which are on a different ide channel. I've checked the power and eveything they have power to them. but in bios it wont reconise any of the harddrives or cd rom. I can't reinstail windows without a dvd rom.. Plus wen i boot the computer into windows the old one. it reboots after like 30sec after its loaded.

the other problem is when i boot it says "intel CPU Ucode load error" press F1 to resume .. (it jst boots wen i press F1 but i would like to know what that means)

Some please help me out, does this have anything to do with not haveing enough power.

PSU - 500w Hyena(the brand)
Mobo - P5W DH Deluxe
CPU - Intel core 2 duo E6400 2.18ghz(stock standard)
Ram - Aspacer 1 gig singel channel ram ddr2 800
HDD - 3 ide harddrives 2 on 1 cannel 1 on the other
DVD - 1 ide LG dvd rom
FX - abatros 7900gtx 512 ram(with external power connector)
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  1. Undo and remake all your ribbon connections, and try again, to see if the BIOS sees all 4 drives.
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