How can I see my current PCI-E frequency? (solved clockgen)

Just finished overclocking my Pentium D930 (3.0ghz) on my Gigabyte GA-81945PL-G (945P, pretty basic mobo, somehow only supports 2GB ram and 533DDR) and had a strange experience.

Couldn't get passed 224Mhz on the FSB even though I dropped the memory to DDR400 and tried increasing voltages. Since I k :?: new my CPU should easily reach 3.8Ghz I started tweaking.

During the OC I had my PCI-E set to 100 as is often recommended and I just decided to switch that over to AUTO. The second I did that I could get it to post at 3.8Ghz without a voltage increase!

However now I'm afraid of damaging something, as the PCI-E is set to AUTO I don't know actually what it's set to and am looking for a program that can show it to me.

Does anyone know of such a program?
I'm also interested in whether or not OCing the PCI-E can damage components like the video card, it seems to be running fine now. No artifacts as far as I can tell. It's a 7900GT

Thanks in advance!

Looks like clockgen can show me the PCI-E frequency.
The BIOS set it to 112mhz which is about half my OC in %
I'm actually fine with 112 but I will try and see what the minimum PCI-E I can use is so I don't have to go much higher as my OC progresses.
currently at 245 FSB and moving on!
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  1. u should find it in ur bios man, in my bios i had to set manual oc to be able to see pci-e freq. what are your temps with the oc man. going further could be dangerous, i guess u have read the temp guides correct?
    setting pci-e at 100freq wont damaga ur card, but the oc could if ur using windows xp use rivatuner to monitor and oc ur v.card
    what stress test are you runing and for how long?
    gl man nice going
  2. Computer refuses to eve POST at 100 PCI-E.
    I have no idea why the PCI-E is affecting my CPU over clocking, but it is.

    All temps are well within specs under stress so I'm not worried.
    It's the first thing I check when I boot :)
    Got Zalman coolers on the CPU and GPU and they are in an Antec P180 which is just sweet and cool!

    Motherboard is really cheap so I'm not expecting anything spectacular.
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