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Alright I tryed overclocking last night. My CPU was running at about 2.3 now its about 2.4. But when I play games my PC shuts off... I only uped the FSB 10. My temps are not going over 50c.

Is there something I need to do other then the FSB?

Thanks for any help.


AMD Athlon XP-M 2400+ (Desktop)
1 GB (512x2) Geil Ultra PC3200 Dual Channel Kit
Video Card: ATI Radeon 9500 Pro
Heat sink: Thermaltake Venus 12 80mm Fan
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  1. what CPU motherboard and ram do you have?
  2. Download CPUZ and give us screen shots of the different tabs.
  3. If you didn't reset you ram speed, it may end up being overclocked past its maximum and thus causes the computer to fail. Other than that, give us some screen shots as AdamBomb said.
  4. Your running an Athlon XP? Hmm.....your PC was already overclocked! The mobile 2400+ has a stock speed of 1800 mhz. Thus, your processor was already overclocked by 500 mhz. You should be able to overclock this processor even farther than that, but there is no telling for sure. What voltage are you running your CPU at?
  5. Thank you all for the help so far. Here is the pics.






    In the SPD by the Memory Slot Selection. There is a drop down menu with "Slot #1, Slot #2, Slot #3" I only give pics of slot #1 if you need the others just ask.
  6. My best guess is that your ram is whats holding you back. You can try loosening you timing a bit more and/or up the voltage. Another option is lowering your memory speed by changing the memory divider.
  7. Offhand, it looks like you let the ram frequency get too high. The ram is rated for 200 mhz max and you've got it to 220.5 mhz. I'm not sure of the particular BIOS settings with your motherboard, but you need a lower ram speed, like reducing it from 200 to 186. As it is, it appears that the ram is going too high and refusing to function. As least this is my best guess at the moment.
  8. Alright so its my ram speed... Is there a guide or something showing me how to change it?
  9. I dont think its the ram, I can hit 235Mhz on those Geil Modules, a shutdown might be a power supply problem, overclocking increases power usage.
  10. Could be, but I'd pay attention to the RAM before moving on the PSU.
  11. Well one time I got a blue screen.
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