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Any Ideas??
I changed my cable high speed modem last week and every time I restart the computer I have to unplug the power cord to the modem and then plug it in again(and then the router). The router worked well for a year and a half before upgrading the cable modem . Now the Linksys router keeps dropping the connection. Finally gaveup and will buy another, tried everything with the Linksys support. exchanged the cable modem , the cables etc. I have read that many poeple are having this problem with Linksys. I have a BEFRS41 v3 .Does anyone have any suggestions. (It is a hardwire.)
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  1. Have you tried upgrading your Linksys to the latest firmware?

  2. Hi Grumpy, yes I have . I re installed,updated ,cloned etc and all to no avail. The latest firmware for this version was last updated by Linksys in 2004. If I buy another router I will probably try dlink. I want to stay with a wired product.

    I noticed you said 'upgrade" is it possible to upgrade to a newer versions firmware?
  3. Hi Razz,
    Most routers have web-based configurations, one of the functions you should be able to check is the lease time on the IP your cable company leases you. Maybe the router is set so that it doesn't renew the IP lease automatically. I realize this is something you've probably already looked at, and I'm not trying to be smart, but I thought that it was worth making sure.

    Hope this helps,
    Phil R.
  4. Why did you change you the cable modem? Install you old one and see if the problem clears up. You may have a new/bad modem.
  5. Hi Prolfe and Blue68F100,
    thanks for your replies.
    Porlfe, how would I check to see if this is set to automatic?

    I changed modems because the orignal modem was old and did not give me the 5 MBs d/l I was paying for. MyISP offered me a Motorola and it really increased the D/L 4-5 MBs. but then I started to lose connections. I exchanged the Motorla and all the cables but to no avail.
  6. Have you determined weather it's the router or modem? Like Only reseting one, not both?

    Can you connect to the router when it hangs up?

    If you are doing in BT (P2P), shut it down and see if the connections stays up. It's possiable that your Linksys is overheating under heavy use, seen this many times.

    I like wired routers, better than wireless.
  7. If the router drops off, I can just use the modem and all works well. I tried it for 5 days , no problems. It is wired. Maybe it is just overheating then. will keep you posted.A couple of times before it was when I started the computer and it had been off over night and I had to unplug and reset the router.
  8. Been there ,done everything. Maybe next I will hit it with a hammer and try a dlink. I beginning to think I do not even need a router as I only have one computer and was just using it for extra security/firewall.
  9. No, it looks like you have the latest version.

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