Razr Habu Laser Mouse Disconnect/Conncet issue


I'm currently using a razr habu gaming mouse on an overclocked c2d system.

As I use the computer the mouse will periodically disconnect and reconnect automatically making the usb sounds that correspond. The only unstable part of my overclock is my ddr800 ram running at 700mhz, which i'm not sure if it would cause this issue?

It's quite annoying to be using the machine and especially during gaming to have the mouse die out for 3-4 seconds at a time. It does it more frequently while gaming (increased mouse use / movement speed)

Any troubleshooting ideas greatly appreciated.

Already tried - Changing USB ports - Using Newer Firmware / Software
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  1. OK. I am having exactly the same issue with you, after various googling, i have come to conclude that a wiring issue has cost your disconnections, u can twist your wire around which is at the beginning of your mouse and you will nostice that at certain positions your mouse will blank out. to fix this you can either fix your wiring positions, soldder the wires, or just get it replaced if its under warranty.
  2. All of a sudden it stopped doing it... I also changed some of the settings on the computer as far as overclocking goes.

    I had it at 1400FSB Linked and Synced putting my DDR 800 ram at 700MHZ

    I changed it to 1400FSB Unlinked 800FSB for my Ram locked with 4/4/4/12 timings

    I had to leave my ram timings on auto except for the tras.... it was auto but set to 31 so I locked the tras at 12 and now the computer is running great.

    I do think it's a hardware issue though and I just got lucky and now it's not doing it anymore.

  3. I have to agree with MXzas

    Had the same symptoms, mouse turning on and off unexpectedly, several times, only shaking it laterally make the mouse reactivate and turn on the glowing part again. But a mouse is not intended to be played as a Maracas.

    Indeed it is a hardware problem, still have to check the exact point that influences this strange behavior but it has nothing to do with the HABU Drivers that earlier I accused of being badly developed.

    It's only sad that for that MUCH money spent the mouse isn't built the proper way it should.
    I will open it and check the soldered connections and see if I can fix it myself. Even if it shouldn't be like that.
  4. I don't know if anyone is still having this problem or not, but I just fixed my Habu. The problems appears to be right in the rubber joint where the wire enters the mouse. All I had to do was open the mouse, cut out this joint and a 1/2 inch of wire on each side of it, strip the remaining wires, soldder them together, tape and close up the mouse. Then I used some hot glue to hold the wire in the hole when it comes out of the mouse. Obviously this all voids the warranty, but if it has already expired, why not try?
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