What PSU should I buy?

Hello! Im writting because Im have problem with my psu

My pc Specs are
-Amd 64 3200 cpu
-1gb kingston memory
-Sound Blaster Aundigy 2
-160bg hd Seagate
-1 dvd drive combo
and a 8800gts 320 overclock EVGA.

My PSU is a 550w an the 12v rail is 19amps.

My problem is that before I have my 8800gts, I had a nvidia6500 and it was good, but when I install the 8800gts my pc started to shutdown while I was playing to the moment that it didnt turn on anymore, well if I left the computer for 2 hours off, I try again to turn it on and works like 15minutes and it shut down again. and when I try to turn on it again it turn on and in seconds it shout down again.

And the psu sounds strange, after that I install the nvidia6500 again and the same but after the same two hours I turn it on again with the 6500 and works fine, I think that its because when I install the 8800gts the psu gets overcharged and i turn off.

But now in thinking and Im scared if my 8800gts sufer or got damage because of that. :?

But now my pc is working fine with the old video (nvidia6500)

Also im wondering what psu should I buy
- Thermaltake Toughpower700w w0106ru
-cooler master 600w RS-500-PCAR

Its ok with the second one because the thermal its to expensive

Sorry for my english if there are some mistakes, Im from Latin America. Im working on it :?

I only have those 2 options
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  1. go for the thermaltake, and 700watts its way to much for tht specs, the amps are more important.
    650W thougpower
    2 Active rails Black 6 (52A) and this still way high ur specs need about 380watts top at 22a meaning you could use a purepower 500watts with no issues.. read sticky psu 101 and go to extreme power caluculator, but rememeber than the caluculator only shows watts no amps say above 22a at least( edited) 22a per rail
  2. Corsair 520HX, plenty of power and room for expansion.
  3. I just sprung for a OCZ gamerXstream 700 to push the geforce 8800 GTS 640 that is in the same box. Kinda sucks though because I just bought a new power supply a couple weeks ago to replace the cheapo that died
  4. LOL!!!!! :roll: ACTUALLY ITS TRUE!! HEHHE :oops: i must say i have always use TT psu and i have never encounter a single issue, thts why i recommend them
    plz dont kill me mpilchfamily lol :roll:
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