Dual 8800gtx severly underperforming

I was looking at the benchmarkings done for oblivion for 8800gtx. It says that outdoors at 1024 by 768 max details and settings with no anti-aliasing and 8x anistropic filtering i should get 51.5 frames.

However, my system specs are"

Intel QX6700
2x 8800gtx
2gb 800mhz ram
150gb 10k rpm hdd

With my specs AND dual 8800s, i barely get 45 frames when i run the game on the exact same settings that the vga chart says it is running. HOW CAN I GET LESS PERFORMANCE WITH 2 CARDS?

On a side note, i dont see any where in the options for oblivion to set the anistropic filtering.
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  1. Are you running vista? Vista slows most games on the market today to a crawl. If you are, boot on Windows XP again. Also check and see if you have Vsync enabled. If you do, disable it. Also, check your nvidia settings to see if SLi is enabled like RobsX2 said.
  2. i am not running vista yet.

    i dont know wat could be wrong with my comp.

    I DO have sli enabled.
  3. im not sure, but i think that vsync caps your frame rate to the max frame rate of your display. the reason tearing occurs is because your gpu is running at higher fps than your display can handle. try disabling it and see if it makes a difference. i could be wrong thogh...
  4. i just checked my nvidia control panel, and it was already pre-set to 16x AF, so i turned it down to 8x....i am gonna see if that increases my performance.
  5. Quote:

    And on top of that my settings are 1680X1050, 16XAA and 16XAF with all ingame options set to max.

    I have checked my nvidia control panel and the oblivion options menu, and the max AA i see is 8x...
  6. im running 1680x1050 with everything on max, and getting 30 fps when running around outside on oblivion.

    there are no other programs running besides xfire and ventrilo.

    how do i set the AA to 16x? I checked the nvidia control panel and the max is 4x.

    i have the newest drivers (new as in the one from january 10)
  7. Quote:

    I dont know why your max AA is only 4X in the Nvidia control panel.

    Something is really screwie with your stuff guy and if your only getting 30fps in SLI with only 4XAA then you really got some issues.

    do you have any suggestions? or are you just gonna slap me around?
  8. Quote:
    im running 1680x1050 with everything on max, and getting 30 fps when running around outside on oblivion.

    there are no other programs running besides xfire and ventrilo.

    how do i set the AA to 16x? I checked the nvidia control panel and the max is 4x.

    i have the newest drivers (new as in the one from january 10)
    Disable Xfire; I noticed it causing problems with my last SLI setup in certain titles, such as F.E.A.R.
  9. Quote:

    I am not trying to slap you around. I am just letting you know that something is not right.

    Uninstall the video drivers and then reinstall them for starters.

    which forceware drivers are you using?
  10. 1024x768, no kidding? With 8800GTX SLi? Wow.
  11. Quote:
    1024x768, no kidding? With 8800GTX SLi? Wow.

    i was only using that resolution to test my fps against tomshardware's benchmarkings since they dont have benchmarks for 1680x1050
  12. Quote:
    Also check and see if you have Vsync enabled.

    yeah that fcucked my 16x10 and 8800 card up.

    it made my 68gt smoke my 8800gts.

    but mine was better with v-sync off.
  13. What POWER SUPPLY unit do you have , how many Amps on the 12v .

    I just bought a new power supply a Corsair HX 620 ..hehehe..and now my single 8800 GTS

    IS kickin some serious butt in Fear and Company of heroes . Like everything 16aa 16af Full on baby :D :twisted:

    I am just try to crank some extra juice out of my AMD 3000+ :lol:

    So with 2 8800 GTX hahahaha you should be be making games beg for mercy yeeeahh.

    So on a serious note What is your power supply . Also ROBX2 HAS seriously uber system with a similar setup like yours . I think you guys should compare driver versions .

    I AM PRETTY sure its your PSU 8) also dude 1024x 768 hahahahahaha..sorry :oops: couldn't resist :D
  14. i have a cooler master 850 watt power supply.

    however i have good news to report, a while back i installed a mod called LOD and it was full of textures that would load so you could see clearly alot farther away. and i had the mod turned off, but people said that you needed to delete the folder too because it could still get loaded...so after deleting the folder i have 60fps constant, although it does dip into the 30s after loading a new area.
  15. No something isnt right , Dude you Have 2 Gtx cards . They are like two Formula 1 Engines strapped to your computer .

    Please do tell at what Resolution are you playing the game. What settings you have enabled in the Nvidia panel .

    I haven't measured the fps i get in oblivion on a SINGLE GTS with a AMD 3000+ processor .

    Although i can tell you its smooth game play .

    Dude these are the frame rates a Darth Vader computer like yours should be getting at a resolution of wait for it ..2560X 1600 8O 8O 8O 8O


    Read the whole article .

    Dude we are going to get to the bottom of this :D you gotta be getting something close to those FPS .

    i am reading the article also :idea:
  16. cursedgriffin as u can see im running a similar system specs but im on vista ultimate 64bits i run oblivion maxed out at 1400x1050 (since thts my monitor higher resolution) 16XAA and 16XAF 95fps min 58fps when thing get crazy like when a hellgateopens all the time in outdoors
    but i use to have 30fps top!!! check first all your temps!! very important cpu core0123 gpu 1 and 2 mobo temp and nb temp, in my case temps were ok the problem was the memory, what motherboard you have?

    make sure u have the last bios revision and drivers and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE UR MEMORY TIMINGS CORRECT! AND FREQ.
    Set ur hardware settings to manual in ur bios and read ur hardware specs from memory and set them manually. also enable sli broadcast aperture if there. Disable optimizations like linkboost, xfire,

    after doing this try first with only one card, and se how it goes, if u see works better go and put back the other card, and test (make sure u have sli enable) in nvidia control panel, if u see a frame drop with sli, remove the card you just install and switch it for the one u just tested and see what happend, just to know both cards are ok, if it still works fine with eigther card in single u may have a faulty mobo or a creepy driver problem since the frame drop comes only when 2 cards are linked.

    if after doing all this u still geting less than 80fps outdoors at 1024x768 find some other power supply for testing u need at least 800watts and 56 amps in the combined v12 rail to feed all the system, if u test the power supply and still the same.
    reinstall windows no restore, full install, then install all newr drivers for ur mobo, directX, v.card. s.card etc install oblivion and test good luck man
  17. Tom's VGA charts are usually wrong as they show a 0% performance increase with SLI.
  18. i have an antec 550watt with 36amps

    and the only problem i have is my hdd is dead.
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