ATI x1950Pro and Geforce 6200 PCI same system

I do work in 3d animation and as such, I use 4 monitors. Up until now I have had a dual head for my 3rd and 4th Matrox g450, but since I am upgrading to vista I decided to buy a vista ready PCI card for Aero, in this case a vanilla pci 128mb 6200 geforce. I am still running windows xp x64 atm and I can't get the geforce to work. It will run fine until I install the drivers for my 1950pro and then after next boot it, when going to device manager it tells me that the geforce drivers were not written for this verison of windows and the device has been disable. (Yes, I got the x64 drivers of both, i'll scream if someone suggests that again. I have done clean installs of both the drivers, tried installing them in different orders etc.). Anyway, I am sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find it. Is there anyway to get ATI and Nvidia drivers to play nice? ATI dosen't have a pci card that will work with Aero in the same price range so I really don't have another option except for spending another $100 bucks. Thanks.
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  1. i dont think you can run 2 different drivers off the same pc...or can you??

    Your gonna have to wait for a better reply mate. Best of luck with that issue.
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