Sony VAIO PCG-Z1XSP wireless problem using BT HomeHub.

Hi all...

I have a Sony VAIO PCG-Z1XSP and it's wireless enabled.

I connected up the BT HomeHub modem/router that I got from and it works with the ethernet cable when my laptop is in place on the docking station.

When I take the laptop off the docking station so it is completely wireless, there is no internet connection and the 'Wireless' light disappears.

I have checked Network Properties in Control Panel and the connection is there but I am unable to fix it.

Can someone please tell me how I can make my Sony VAIO PCG-Z1XSP
completely operational without having to use my docking station to surf the web??

Thanks. Rick.
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  1. Check your energy managment properties, and port properties. Your nb may be powering down the wireless to save power.

    Is your dock connected by wired? if so does it support wireless? And dd you setup wireless.
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