Best Air Cooler under 50$

Dear Friends,

I need your advice. I want to buy a new air cooler for my pc. please suggest me a air cooler for. I wont be overclocing my cpu. I just want to make it quiet.

Intel Pentium D 2.66 805
Intel 101GGC MB

I have about 5.5 to 6 inch clearce for high cooler. please suggest a air cooler. I currently would like to buy the Scythe Ninja Plus. will it fit in my casing.

If one of u is from china guanzhaou. can u tell me if its available in the guanzhao and its price.

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  1. Damn son, that is a mighty old lookin' rig there.
    You have a socket 775 CPU. Here are most of your options.
  2. I don't have any suggestion, but just want to state that it hurt my eyes and heart to see PC that dusty 8O ..... sorry, it's not my business :? , but I couldn't help it :( ....dust is PCs' enemy along with heat :) ...
  3. Thank you for ur reply.

    About the dust. This is the reason i opened my system to check why it was heating so much. I took it apart and cleaned every bit of it. There was dust in the heatsing therefore it was heating up.

    Here it is after cleaning

    Can u please suggest me any good Thermal Compound. Is Artic Silver 5 good enough.
  4. Quote:
    Damn son, that is a mighty old lookin' rig there.
    You have a socket 775 CPU. Here are most of your options.

    It helped about the price but what about performance.
    will the zalman 9500 fit my casing?
    will the scythe ninja plus fit in my casing?
    or should i get artic cooling freezer??


    please help me decide.
  5. AC Freezer7.

    For the hight look at their official site
  6. The Noctua, Tuniq Tower, AC Freezer, and theZalman 9700 as well as the Scythe Infininity are about the best performing air coolers you can get. Arctic Cooling 5 and 7 are the absolute best thermal compounds.
  7. Someone hasn't heard about Shin Etsu X23. :wink: I seriously doubt you'd be able to find it in China though. It's hard enough to find a US retailer for it. In all honesty though, Shin Etsu X23 is only 1 or maybe 2C better than AS5 so if you can't find it then don't worry too much as AS5 works just fine.
  8. Thank you for your reply.
    I just want thermal compound because when i cleaned my casing i opened the hsf from mobo and then i put it back without any thermal compound. it now runs on idle temp of 46 to 50. Thermal compound is not available in local market. So my friend will go to china in a few days and then he will return after a week.
  9. Not even regular no-name thermal compound? I find that surprising.

    Regular no-name would be much better than none at all
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