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i need help i am a student of civil ingeneering, and i need a new pc and i want make a good choice.

i am thinking about macbook 15 pro -but it is expensive and other notbook lenovo or dell, or desktop pc - because of its capacity/price, but i am often traveling....

i afraid if is macbook only pose or style... because of its price

i am useing program autocad, nemetchek, V-ray, cinema, rhino, 3ds max.

thanks for your help
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  1. first of all you should have posted this in "hardware>systems"

    apple macbooks are seriously overpriced. you can get the same parts for less money. you also would be better off with windows for those applications instead of ios.

    you can often get better hardware in a desktop computer than with a laptop of the same price. whichever you choose is determined by if mobility is a requirement or not. if you need to use it when you travel then you must buy a laptop

    i recently bought an ASUS laptop at microcenter which i thought was a real steal for $750-800. i7 processor, 500gb hd (although only 5400rpm), a real video card instead of integrated as well as an aluminum work surface and scratch resistant shell. the only downside is that it uses the same 1440x900 resolution that the vast majority of laptops use.

    for cad work and 3d modeling a model with 1920x1080 resolution and a larger screen are ideal. however you are not likely to get into one of those for under $1000-1100.
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