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Hi everybody ,i`m new here & this is my first post.
i live in an island named "Kish" ,it`s south of middle east (south of Iran)
Last week i went to Tehran (center of Iran) to see someone.
when i wanted to go back to my home i saw something the Tehran`s big computer shopping mall they sell Windows Vista Ultimate Full Version for ONLY 5$ 8O(MR.Gate should cry...)
i just bought one & some new games (Test Drive Unlimited,Infernal,Supreme Commander &...) & leaved Iran.
i installed the Windows Vista Ultimate(its fully activated) & have some big problems :
first of all the windows doesnt know my Sound Card (my mobo has an onboard Creative Audigy SE) & the MSI web site doesnt have the Windows Vista driver...what should i do ??
second & the most important thing is the 3DMark05 score.with Windows XP Pro Service pack 2 i got 11200 points in 3DMark05 but in this shiny new windows i just got 9700Point...what is wrong??Newer Windows = Lower Performance ??should i switch back to Windows XP Service Pack 2 ??
i will be very thankful for any reply.
my system spec : AMD 64 939 2.7GHz with an akasa evo33 CPU cooler ,MSI K8N Neo 4 Diamond Plus ,MSI RX1900XTX ,2Gb DDR400MHz ,a 80Gb S-ATA HDD ,OCZ GXS 600Watt ,no Floppy
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  1. Congratulations.

    You have just bought an illegal copy of Windows Vista.

    Anywaste there are a lot of known issues with Windows Vista:

    1. Slower game performance
    2. Lack of many drivers

    The best suggestion is to back to Windows XP and wait for better / more drivers to be released.
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