8800GTX and Thermaltake Tsunami in need of help plz..


I'm planning an upgrade soon. Listed a couple of components, with a 8800GTX card and Thermaltake Tsunami casing. I have read on various sources that there is a fitting issue with these two. Some say it fits though. Can someone confirm this plz, I am stuck with this, and cant do anything. I really dont want to buy a full tower ..

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  1. It will fit, but it will be real tight ur gonna have like 3mm to spare, so when u asamble the comp, place the psu, the the mobo then processor than GPU before any cable or hdd
  2. You'll have to pull the FDD rack and the HDD cage in order to have room for the thing. I've got a 7900GTX and it's a tight fit in my Tsunami case, I've got about .5" of clearance from the back of the VGA to the FDD rack.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for your valuable inputs. If I have 3mm space after installation, it seems to be touching the HDD cage. There are power connectors on the back of the card right? Any problems connecting them?
  4. no the power connector are in the side of the card at least in my bfg 8800gtx cards.
    u dont have to modify anything, after taking some mesuares in my friend case the fiting is less tha 1mm lol!!!! but it will fit without a problem

    gl man
  5. That image will be a lifesaver for me.. :) Thank you so much. I plan to go with a 600W Psu with this,planning ahead. Any problems with this?
  6. well in size u dont have a proble since all psu most of the times have standard size, unless u go beyond 800watts, there are some huge psu out there, to know if 600w will be good or not i need to know the brand and model of the psu, also the system specs of the comp that have to handle and if ur planning to oc
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