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Afternoon All,

I'm after some help please -- I have a Canon Pixma mp500. It's a fine all in one printer and does it's job accordingly.

However, everytime I switch it on the Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Standard Wireless Optical Mouse become very unresponsive and slow. Once I switch it off they both work fine again.

It's almost like there is a conflict somewhere! I have un-installed both and tried re-installing them in different orders and with the latest software updates but no joy.

Any and all help would be gratefully appreciated.


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  1. Is it a USB printer, and do you have it plugged into a USB hub along with the keyboard/mouse? Sounds like it is drawing more than it's share of volts or that the hub isn't fully up to spec. Try puting the print by itself into one of the motherboard USB ports.
  2. You should also check what IRQs the printer is using when it is powered up. It is possible that the printer has been assignrd that same IRQ as the keyboard and mouse. I've seen this before with sound card conflicts.

    If the printer is using the same IRQ as the mouse, you will need to go into the properties and manually assign a different IRQ. Just make sure that you verify the full lisat of IRQs before you make any changes.

    Also, keep in mind that printers, especially the all in one kind are resource hogs, depending on how much of the processing they off-load onto the CPU. The cheaper the unit, the more likely it is to use host-based drivers.
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