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:cry: my rig is connected to the internet via wireless connection. whenever I play games (CS), every couple of minutes or so, the connection freezes for a few moments, usually resulting in my death. does anyone know if this is caused by my wireless card/modem, and if so, can it be fixed?
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  1. It's called wireless LAG, Fix use wired.
  2. Quote:
    It's called wireless LAG, Fix use wired.

    dang, unfortunatly my parents won't let me hook up the comp downstairs where teh router is, even thoug I paid for the thing.
  3. is this totally unavoidable, because ive talked to people who game wirelessly without problems. the D-link gaming router came very highly recomended, so i picked it up but i too am having ping spike issues. I dont know if its interference or a setting or what, but its really annoying. trying lots of different settings and just got a wna-2330 notebook adaptor to try, hopefully that will help it

    i know its possible, i just dont know what the magic combo is, i think signal interference is a big one, some people are just in areas where it runs clean some aren't
  4. There was some talk about Windows zero config service causing such problems as it searches for new wireless networks every minute, causing lag.

    Try using your wireless adapter's program to connect to your router.

    I happily play CS on wireless very reliably xD
  5. well my wireless adaptor is the Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG

    so... what program should i use to connect? i remember turning the wireless zero off when i installed a belkin adaptor in the expresscard slot (the dlink one didn't fit it wasn't expresscard) but that thing was a POS so im back to my internal one with the wireless zero enabled.

    i guess i should disable wireless zero and then install and use some 3rd party thing.. does intel make a wireless conection program?

    what do you use?
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